Wedding Series | A Wedding to Plan

We're getting married! So I knew I just had to make a wedding series to share with all of you!

Me and Darren have been engaged since June 2014, so it’s been well over 4 and a half years, and we never really settled on a date to get married back then. We were enjoying life with Keira, Joshua came along swiftly followed by Zara so there wasn’t much time to consider a wedding. Now that we’re pretty much out of the baby-free zone, we decided it was time to finally get a wedding on the go.

If you’ve ever been engaged with a wedding to plan then I am sure you know just how excited I am, but I’m also stupidly worried. We’ve set the date for the 31st May 2019, yep this year. Meaning we have only 5 months to plan the entire thing and I’m worried that we won’t get everything ready in time. I’m just grateful that I don’t want anything big or extravagant, I think that would be even harder to organise.

So this is where we’re at, we’ve started getting some things together, and it’s making all of this even more exciting! We have our ceremony venue chosen, a gorgeous church just outside of our parish. We opted for a church more because of how beautiful it was compared to our registry office and I really didn’t want to fork out a couple thousand for a hotel or stately home, but this church is perfect for our wedding. We’re meeting with the reverend this month to pay our deposit and discuss what we’d like to happen on the day. The reception venue is also chosen, we just need to finalise our guest list so we can get together how much food we’re going to need before we can pay our deposit. As we aren’t having a sit down meal afterwards (we’ve been to a few and they’ve been so stressful with young children so we’re deciding against it) we’re going for a buffet at the reception. Something a bit more free and easy for our guests.

We’ve got our wedding colours sorted, and that’s with thanks to our amazing florist (you should really check out her Instagram). Pink and blue is what we’re going for. In fact our florist has been a wonder, she’s helped me so much with choosing the colours we needed. The florist that we’ve chosen grows her own flowers to use, she then chooses what flowers she’s got at the time in your colour choices and goes from there. I love the surprise of not knowing what flowers we’re going to have, but knowing that they’re going to be beautiful either way.

I bought my dress, although it didn’t fit, so I’ve had to send it back and reorder a different size. This has been so easy to do as I’ve purchased a dress from a high street store rather than a bridal boutique. As I said before, we’re keeping it low key and I really wouldn’t have felt comfortable standing in front of others trying on dresses. My outfit is almost complete, I’ve found my shoes and hair piece (no veil for this bride) I just need to order them once I am 100%. The bridesmaid dress has also been ordered, now that I’ve told my gorgeous sister I want her as my bridesmaid.

We’ve sent our “save the date” cards and Darren’s stuck one up on the notice board where he works so everything really is in motion. I made the save the date cards myself, because I love being crafty and making things like that. Personally, I thought they came out pretty well! I am struggling with choosing a formal invitation though, I have so many samples of the ones I like most that I’m struggling to pick something. I’d love to make them myself but it’s one thing I really don’t want to mess up.

And that’s where we’re at! I don’t know where I want to take this series but I knew that I wanted to get everything down and restarting this blog seemed the best way to do that. Hopefully the next post won’t be a mess of everything thrown together and more centered around one specific task that we’ve completed, so watch this space!

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