Halloween Crafts for Kids

Half term is approaching and with it comes Halloween! K is so excited for Halloween this year and it is the first year that she actually understands the concept of Halloween, she keeps telling me that she wants to dress up as a zombie. So, as I’m pretty sure most parents do, I’ve been scouring through Pinterest to find some crafts to do with the kids to keep them busy through their week off of school and nursery. My aim was to find crafts that you could do with everyday objects around your home so that you didn’t have to go and buy anything specific because I know how annoying it can be when you find a craft to do but you don’t have any of the supplies.

Handprint Spiders in Webs

This little craft was one of the first that caught my eye, my kids are obsessed with spiders and love searching the house for them so I knew that they would love this craft. The string, or wool, will definitely help with their fine motor skills too. The supply list says to use card stock, but I also think that you could use paper plates for this craft as well and I don’t think you would even need a fancy paper punch to create the holes, you could just poke holes with a pencil. This craft was found on Kids Craft Room.

Paper Plate Spiders

Keeping with the spider theme, I came across this super cute paper plate spider craft. I don’t know about you but I have tonnes of goggly eyes and pipe cleaners lying around the house, we always get loads in the craft boxes that we buy, so I know that they will come in handy for this. My kids love painting so this will be right up there street and for those of you, like me, that don’t have a stapler I’m pretty sure you could use glue or even blu tac to attach the pipe cleaners. In fact I would probably glue the pipe cleaners in between the 2 plates so they’ve got that added security and won’t fall out. This craft was found on I Heart Crafty Things.

Paper Plate Ghosts

Can you see the trend here? I have so many paper plates in my cupboard, I need to find a use for them! This one seems really easy to do and I know K will enjoy cutting out strips of toilet paper with her shaped scissors, can’t see the faces looking exactly like this though but we love a trier, right? This one was found on Odd Socks and Lollipops.

Cotton Bud Skeleton

This craft was so cute there was no way I couldn’t add it to this post, and it’s so simple for kids to do. I reckon you could even include a little lesson on the human skeleton. We all have cotton buds in the house so we definitely don’t need anything extra for this craft. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a link for this one but I think it’s quite an easy one to follow from looking at the photo.

Yarn Wrapped Mummy

How cute is this little guy!! Another craft that will help with fine motor skills and one that I actually want to try myself. I Heart Crafty Things says, in the write up, that you could even make several and attach them to a string to make a spooky Halloween border for your house. The post has a link for you to print out your own mummy template, rather than trying to draw one, if you have no drawing skills like myself, and you don’t even need loads of supplies, it’s very minimalist.

If you would like to see any more ideas for Halloween crafts that you can find loads on my Pinterest board so be sure to check them out and let me know what you think you’re going to do with your children over the half term break.


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