Wedding Series | A Wedding to Plan

We're getting married! So I knew I just had to make a wedding series to share with all of you!

Me and Darren have been engaged since June 2014, so it’s been well over 4 and a half years, and we never really settled on a date to get married back then. We were enjoying life with Keira, Joshua came along swiftly followed by Zara so there wasn’t much time to consider a wedding. Now that we’re pretty much out of the baby-free zone, we decided it was time to finally get a wedding on the go.

If you’ve ever been engaged with a wedding to plan then I am sure you know just how excited I am, but I’m also stupidly worried. We’ve set the date for the 31st May 2019, yep this year. Meaning we have only 5 months to plan the entire thing and I’m worried that we won’t get everything ready in time. I’m just grateful that I don’t want anything big or extravagant, I think that would be even harder to organise.

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