The Beginning of a Journey

The beginning of a Journey. Welcome to our blog and very first post. I never know how to do introductions but I guess this is where I'll start.

I never know where, or how, to begin with these things but a few friends suggested that my first post be an introduction to who we are and why we’re here. I’m no longer comfortable with revealing too much about my children’s identities after seeing a few shocking things online recently, so I do hope that you can forgive me for the anonymity.

Where do I begin?

We’re a family of 5 living in the West Midlands. I’m a stay-at-home mum and the other half works full-time in the fishing trade. K is about to turn 5 and she’s just started reception, which she is absolutely loving! J is 3 and he’s about to start pre-school, this makes me so nervous and you’ll soon learn why. Z has just turned 2 and honestly I have no words for her. She is like a fireball in our lives.

The point of this blog is to go through our journey with J, although I’m sure I’ll be writing up loads about the girls too, but I wanted a space where I can write about our journey and experience with J. From any appointments and assessments to my feelings.

So what is wrong with J?

Nothing actually, he’s an amazing little boy and he’s as normal as he’s going to be. However, when he was 2 years old we noticed that some of the things he did wasn’t “normal”. He was raising some flags with the things he was doing so we brought it to the attention of our Health Visitor.

After a pretty lengthy questionnaire with the Health Visitor, and after she had taken some time to watch him, she decided that we should refer J to a pediatrician. The Health Visitor told us that some of the behaviours we had experienced with J were signs that J may be on the Autistic Spectrum. Now I’ll save all that for another post because it is some lengthy stuff and I have children whinging at my feet as they’re hungry (even though lunch isn’t for another half hour).

So that it the journey I will be sharing with you all and I hope that you will enjoy being on this journey with us.

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  1. Hello and welcome to #coolmumclub! Thanks so much for sharing your beginning with us…we’re looking forward to following your posts. Thanks for linking up! x

  2. Hello! First time popping by your blog. There are lots of bloggers writing about autism and I think it will really help you and others to share your journey with your son xx #coolmumclub

  3. Blogging is approached in different ways with regards to how much anonymity is given. It’s often a great way to release your thoughts and can feel therapeutic. #coolmumclub

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