5 Things I Have Learned Since Becoming a Parent

5 Things I Have Learned Since Becoming a Parent. I have discovered things about myself, since becoming a parent, that I never would have thought possible.

I fell pregnant with K when I was 22 years old and at that age I was a bit of a binge drinking, party animal. I loved going out with my friends, on the weekend, to a pub and/or club. On an evening, during the week, I could often be found in my local pub stuffing my face with steak and huge ice cream desserts followed by a few glasses of wine. I had a carefree attitude and I was free of responsibility, life was great and I loved it but my life was about to get even better. When K was born, my life changed drastically, then came J followed by Z and I came to realise that there were things about myself that I was just beginning to discover, things I really never knew about myself.

1.  I can hold my pee for an amount of time that I really never thought possible.

I can remember all of those drunken nights when I just barely made it to the toilet, thankful that there was a bath mat on the floor, just in case. These days I feel like I should set reminders on my phone to remind myself that I need to go to the toilet. Everything else takes priority and when you’re trying to keep 3 tiny humans alive, your bladder learns to wait. Although with that said, I have awful control whilst sneezing or coughing!

2. I love coffee.

I had always been a big lover of tea but it just wasn’t making the cut for a caffeine boost in the morning. So I started drinking more coffee and now it’s replaced the tea. In fact, I’m pretty sure I drink more coffee than I do water. It’s the most important part of my day and it definitely makes me feel like I can get through all the tasks that come with being a parent.

3. I no longer care for the opinion of others.

I used to really worry about what other people thought when they saw me or saw what I was doing and I was always make their opinions priority over mine. Once I became a mum I realised that those thoughts were unnecessary. I no longer listen to the opinion of others, especially when it comes to parenting techniques. There will always be a judgey Susan who has something to say about everything you do with your children but Susan’s opinion no longer lodges in my mind.

4. I’d rather be comfortable than stylish.

I’ve never really been someone who has dressed in accordance with the latest fashion but I always liked to dress as best I could, even if the clothes weren’t the most comfortable. Nowadays, comfort comes first. Baggy jumpers, leggings and big pants are life!

5. I’m definitely a badass.

I have grown and given birth to 3 tiny humans, I have kept them alive and ensured they have everything they need, and sometimes even want. To me, that is a pretty badass move and I am winning at life due to this. Being a parent is super hard but knowing that my kids go to bed every night, telling me that they love me, with a smile on their face, tells me that I am doing a pretty awesome job.

Is there anything you have discovered about yourself since you became a parent? Did you ever think that change would happen to you?

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