My One and Only Goal for 2019

2019 is going to be a year I plan to remember forever. I have just one goal to focus on for the year, it's a bit one though.

I’ve seen so many people writing about their 2019 goals, whether they’re about a business or more personal, some of them are amazing and I wish those who set them all the best, so that come the end of year they can tick those goals off as completed. So I thought about myself and what goals I’d like to accomplish throughout the year, the usual ones came to mind; do more of a particular activity, give more and read more, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to complete them because I’d just give up after a couple of months. I really sat and thought about setting myself a goal, yep just one, something I can really focus on throughout the year and that’s when it came to me.

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Wedding Series | A Wedding to Plan

We're getting married! So I knew I just had to make a wedding series to share with all of you!

Me and Darren have been engaged since June 2014, so it’s been well over 4 and a half years, and we never really settled on a date to get married back then. We were enjoying life with Keira, Joshua came along swiftly followed by Zara so there wasn’t much time to consider a wedding. Now that we’re pretty much out of the baby-free zone, we decided it was time to finally get a wedding on the go.

If you’ve ever been engaged with a wedding to plan then I am sure you know just how excited I am, but I’m also stupidly worried. We’ve set the date for the 31st May 2019, yep this year. Meaning we have only 5 months to plan the entire thing and I’m worried that we won’t get everything ready in time. I’m just grateful that I don’t want anything big or extravagant, I think that would be even harder to organise.

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5 Things I Have Learned Since Becoming a Parent

5 Things I Have Learned Since Becoming a Parent. I have discovered things about myself, since becoming a parent, that I never would have thought possible.

I fell pregnant with K when I was 22 years old and at that age I was a bit of a binge drinking, party animal. I loved going out with my friends, on the weekend, to a pub and/or club. On an evening, during the week, I could often be found in my local pub stuffing my face with steak and huge ice cream desserts followed by a few glasses of wine. I had a carefree attitude and I was free of responsibility, life was great and I loved it but my life was about to get even better. When K was born, my life changed drastically, then came J followed by Z and I came to realise that there were things about myself that I was just beginning to discover, things I really never knew about myself.

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Halloween Crafts for Kids

Half term is approaching and with it comes Halloween! K is so excited for Halloween this year and it is the first year that she actually understands the concept of Halloween, she keeps telling me that she wants to dress up as a zombie. So, as I’m pretty sure most parents do, I’ve been scouring through Pinterest┬áto find some crafts to do with the kids to keep them busy through their week off of school and nursery. My aim was to find crafts that you could do with everyday objects around your home so that you didn’t have to go and buy anything specific because I know how annoying it can be when you find a craft to do but you don’t have any of the supplies.

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Could it be Autism?


Ever since J was a baby he went through some pretty tough stuff. He was diagnosed with eczema at 2 weeks, his whole body was covered with sores, dry and cracked skin. It was heartbreaking to see, knowing there was nothing I could to take this away from him. When he was 6 months old, J was diagnosed with an egg allergy after a reaction to scrambled egg. He still has the allergy, which we manage by keeping him on an egg-free diet, but the eczema is still around – thankfully it’s no longer as bad as it was once.

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The Beginning of a Journey

The beginning of a Journey. Welcome to our blog and very first post. I never know how to do introductions but I guess this is where I'll start.

I never know where, or how, to begin with these things but a few friends suggested that my first post be an introduction to who we are and why we’re here. I’m no longer comfortable with revealing too much about my children’s identities after seeing a few shocking things online recently, so I do hope that you can forgive me for the anonymity.

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